There are generally two types of missions that the data team fulfils: create Insights, and build better Data Products.

The role of the data team is to make sure that those missions get accomplished, but they can’t fulfil them alone. We believe that, with the right tools, training, and guidance, we can help create a smart, multi-talented, diverse team that can utilise the power of data and technology. Building scalable, resilient, and sustainable solutions for an ever changing world.

The pressure for businesses to leverage leading-edge technology is greater than ever, forcing them to reinvent and redefine their business models to remain competitive, profitable, and succeed.

Build data analytics, data engineering, and data science capabilities in your workforce for future

It is much more cost-effective to hire our consultants than traditional consultants or contractors, and our consultants can join your permanent team at no extra cost. These brilliant, hand-picked consultants are trained in our labs for 16 weeks before they are deployed on your projects.

Meet current resource demand challenges to ensure projects are delivered successfully

In addition to individual consultants, we provide managed teams of junior consultants, as well as full-scale project teams to deliver your project outcomes or help you meet your business objectives and data products.

Make Training Engaging and Interactive

According to research over the past decade into the best practices of great training organizations, content development is the second-most essential process capability to develop for training organizations to be successful. Our experts will help you create and deliver world-class training material as per your requirements.

Train your workforce to lower employee turnover rate and improve productivity

Our expert instructor-led hands-on classroom training provides a structured learning environment. We offer unparalleled commitment, expertise, and technical resources. In our courses, you will train with live Labs, a collaborative environment, and a hassle-free setup.

The Kermit


Our mission is to help solve the nordic data engineering and cloud competency skills gap that is impeding advancement in business and society.


people trained into data, AI and cloud


female and non-binary consultants in next-generation technology


organizations utilising our services

Companies we’ve shaped

Embracing the opportunities of data,

AI, and cloud using Kermit's expertise.

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The Challenges

Deliver successful Data Products and Insights despite today's capacity constraints

Embracing the power of next-generation technologies is a challenge that all organisations face due to a lack of talent in the area of data engineering and cloud competency. Kermit aims to solve this by building a data-driven, AI-powered, and cloud-based workforce of the future.

Let our consultants help you overcome your challenges

We train our consultants in the skills you need to boost your company's performance, and our clients view our consultants as future leaders.