Why us

We enable our clients to evolve by embracing data and next-generation technology

Let's partner to offer world-class solutions

The future of industry relies on today’s people, technologies, and organisations. We partner with providers of next-generation technology to ensure our training anticipates the demands of our clients, and with universities to offer exciting opportunities for graduates from all backgrounds.

Technology partner

Accelerate the adoption of your product with specialist training and long-term implementation.


Our opportunities to train are open to graduates from all academic disciplines.


Solve your biggest technology and transformation challenges with our consultants.

Accelerating the careers
Accelerating the careers of your alumni

Kermit's combination of industry-leading, salaried training and expansive network of global organisations will positively define and accelerate the careers of your graduates.

Accelerating the adoption of your product across industries

Traditional systems integrators have limitations. Our consultants provide specialist skills and knowledge of our partners’ products within our client organisations. The client also has the option of transferring Kermit staff to their own workforce, retaining IP and ensuring longevity of the product adoption.

Our clients and the challenges we helped solve

We partner with organisations across a range of industries to understand their individual challenges and goals. Our service is designed to deliver results and drive transformation with the right skills, cost and people, whether the focus is on today’s requirements or tomorrow’s targets.