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By embracing data and next-generation technology, we help our clients evolve and grow

We help businesses build capability for tomorrow

Accelerating the careers of your alumni

Kermit's combination of industry-leading, salaried training and expansive network of global organisations will positively define and accelerate the careers of your graduates.

Accelerating the adoption of your product across industries

Traditional systems integrators have limitations. Our consultants provide specialist skills and knowledge of our partners’ products within our client organisations. The client also has the option of transferring Kermit staff to their own workforce, retaining IP and ensuring longevity of the product adoption.

How our process works

Preparing the future workforce starts here. We identify capability in candidates from a range of backgrounds to master the most in-demand skills and technologies. Our immersive, industry-leading training programmes in data, AI, and cloud technology are followed with ongoing support and development as our consultants advance and grow.



We prepare our consultants by developing their technical skills, as well as their soft skills and professional development.



We transform our consultants into next-generation technology experts, through intensive training delivered by our team of industry experts.



We match our consultants' capabilities with our clients' needs, optimising delivery.



Our People Team provides dedicated support and guidance for the entirety of our consultants' time on site.



After two years, you have the opportunity for your consultant to join your team permanently, free of charge.

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We bring our fresh approach to over 80 renowned organisations across industries, realising the potential of technology to help solve their data, technology and transformation challenges

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Our clients rely on Kermit time and time again because of the consistent quality of our consultants.

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We're proud to win awards for the quality of our offer, our successes, growth and mission, and to be one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK.
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